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3 Steps To Your Best Beverage Workstation

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 8, 2019 2:37:31 PM / by Franke

When it comes to workstations there is one area in particular that is easy to collect clutter and grime, the beverage workstation. Beverage workstations have cups, lids, and sleeves but can also have flavor boosters, sweetener packets, cup holders and more. There is a lot to keep sorted, and if you don’t your beverage station may become disorganized and result in slow service. Here are 3 steps you can take to create your best beverage workstation today.


1. Remove And Sort The Clutter  

Remember that a clear countertop is easier to keep clean. What we mean by that is you should maintain a clear worktop that is easy to wipe down and sanitize throughout service. Keep items stored in containers that can be easily moved for cleaning, and refrain from putting stacks of items loosely on the counter. Bonus: A clean work surface gives you the added benefit of having more space to prepare and store drinks.

2. Beverage Workstation Dispensing and Holding

When it comes to making beverages quickly and efficiently there is one thing to keep in mind for speed-of-service, dispensing and holding. Having a cup dispenser that allows you to easily grab one cup at a time means staff won't be fumbling with a stack of cups and potentially touching cup rims. Remember, leaving cups loose on the counter or a windowsill is a health code violation. It might not seem like a huge time savings, but it does add up during a busy moment and you wont regret the ease of the cup dispenser.

3. Take Beverage Organization Vertical

Giving every item in your beverage station a dedicated storage space helps team members keep the space tidy, but it also can improve speed-of-service. In small spaces keep in mind you can take your organization vertical. Vertical storage allows you to organize ingredients in a top down manner that allows for greater ease in the construction of each beverage. Creating zones for both hot and cold beverages will also help keep things separate and save time when crafting beverages.

Beverage workstations are important to your restaurant and keeping them well organized and clean will improve your speed-of-service and customer satisfaction. Follow these quick tips and you will be sure to improve your beverage workstation’s performance!


Topics: Workstation Organization, Efficiency