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EcO3Ice Questions and Answers

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 9, 2018 11:42:19 AM / by Franke

Franke’s EcO3Ice Antimicrobial Ice Protection device uses Ozone, but how does it really work to keep your commercial ice machine clean? We’ve put together a list of popular questions and their corresponding answers for you.

EcO3Ice Aqueous Ozone Sanitization Device

How is Ozone created in the water?

With EcO3Ice, a small amount of ozone is created by electrolysis directly in the water as it flows through a cell equipped with electrodes made of patented, long-lasting, boron-doped synthetic diamonds. Some molecules reattach as ‘dissolved ozone’, efficiently providing on-demand protection.

How does Ozone clean the water and ice machine?

Treated water kills bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with, which prevents the buildup of biofilm inside the ice machine. Ice made from the ozone-treated water will help keep other  surfaces such as ice bins, beverage dispenser hoppers and transfer buckets safer as well.

How long does the ozone created remain effective?

Ozone is active for about 15 minutes unless frozen. Once it is frozen into ice, ozone is preserved and dissipates gradually and safely in the ice bin as the ice melts. In practical terms, trace levels of ozone remain effective for the entire period between freezing, storage, and transportation, until it is dispensed and served. At that point in time the ozone dissipates harmlessly.

Is EcO3Ice and Aqueous ozone safe?

Ozone is FDA-approved as a food and water additive. It’s important to note that ozone is recognized to be an effective oxidant used to reduce unpleasant taste and odors in drinking water. The EPA Guidance Manual, Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidants, specifies ozone for unpleasant taste and odor removal.

Will ozone in the ice impart any adverse effect on beverage taste?

The amount of residual ozone in cubes from EcO3Ice-treated machines is well below levels of detection by the average person and does not have an effect on the taste. Ice made with EcO3Ice has been tested by the world's largest beverage manufacturers for sensory and the results were positive.  

We hope this covers some questions you may have had. Still have questions about our EcO3Ice unit? Check out the full EcO3Ice Q&A now.


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