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EcO3Ice Testimonial

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 13, 2018 4:54:47 PM / by Franke

The following EcO3Ice testimonial was given by a medical refrigeration lead in charge of managing the ice machines in a medical facility. These were his thoughts after trying EcO3Ice in his own facility. 

EcO3Ice Testimonial From The Medical Field

EcO3Ice Testimonial From Scott

"Previous to the extensive cleaning procedures that we now implement in our facility, we only followed the manufacturers recommendations for the cleaning and sanitizing of the many ice and water dispensers that are deployed throughout the medical facility. 

The manufacturers recommendations may be sufficient for any other facilities and business organizations, but we have found through many trials and tests that more must be done for patient safety in our facility.

We still follow the manufacturers recommendations, but we also perform a full teardown of every ice and water dispenser and clean all necessary parts using high pressure, high temperature steam during each maintenance. If there are parts found that we cannot get completely clean, we replace them for the sake of our patients.

In my opinion, the most important elements that we have added to our process are high efficiency filtration and the FRANKE EcO3Ice Ozone generator. This addition gives me peace of mind that our equipment is staying as clean as possible between cleanings not only because of the filters in use but because of the continual use of ozone within the water system of the equipment. 

We have found that our equipment is visibly cleaner and most importantly, testing clean of most or all bacteria including legionella.

We are now saving downtime of each ice and water dispenser cleaning and we are not replacing as many parts as we previously were. This has been a great savings all around, and most importantly keeping our patients safer than ever before."

-Scott, Seattle, WA Medical Refrigeration Lead

More Information On EcO3Ice

EcO3Ice is a small device that hooks into the incoming water line of commercial ice machines. It sanitizes the water by creating aqueous ozone which targets and kills harmful bacteria such as Legionella, MRSA, and E.Coli. The trace amounts of ozone in the water help keep all the parts of the machine clean as it passes through the machine to the final destination, the ice bin. For more information check out the EcO3Ice product page

American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) Conference

This week we will have some EcO3Ice representatives at the ASHE show in Seattle, WA. If you will be at the show please find us to learn more about the EcO3Ice and other projects we are working at for the healthcare industry. You can find us in booth #123 July 16-17th. See you there!

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