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First In First Out Sauce Dispensers

[fa icon="calendar"] May 18, 2018 6:45:17 AM / by Franke

Franke Foodservice Solutions, Inc. is the parent company of FIFO Innovations, or First In First Out. FIFO has a full range of sauce dispensers designed for a variety of different sauces and needs, including some options for portion control.

First In First Out

Sauce bottle dispensing has two main issues. One, food waste. As employees get near the end of the sauce they either clean out the bottle and refill, or they grab another bottle and leave whatever is left in that bottle to waste. FIFO Bottles have a higher sauce yield which means less food waste and more cost savings.

Two, an employee may add new sauce to a bottle with old sauce still in it, but the new sauce is on top and will be used first, which could potentially cause a food safety risk.

Problem one results in food waste, and problem two is a food safety concern. FIFO’s First In First Out bottle design was created to solve both of these issues.

FIFO Bottle Designs

FIFO dispensers are designed so the sauce that was added first is dispensed first every time. This helps prevent waste and ensures that all the product is used in a timely matter so it stays food safe.

FIFO Bottle Options

FIFO valves are available in different sizes to accommodate a wide range of sauce dispensing consistencies. Additionally, there are specialty caps that provide customizable dispensing and application options. Label caps are also available in a range of colors for sauce identification.

Portion-Controlled Dispensers

Building off of the benefits of FIFO Bottle's original designs, FIFO's line of portion-controlled dispensers mean one less thing to worry about when it comes to delivering consistently great food to your customers.

FIFO’s Portion Pal offers ergonomic design and adjustable portioning while the Sauce Gun offers a durable simplified solution. Having good portion control over your sauces means your customers get the same great experience and taste each time they come back.

FIFO At NRA This Week

Want to try FIFO Bottles for yourself? Visit Booth #4648 at the NRA Show 2018 to say hi to the FIFO team and put your FIFO dispensing skills to the test.

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