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How Franke Specialty Fabrication Helped A Major QSR Chain Increase Throughput

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 29, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by Franke

How Franke Specialty Fabrication Helped A Major QSR Chain Increase Throughput.jpg

Franke's specialty fabrication team has worked with some of the largest QSR and fast casual chains in the world. But big doesn’t mean one size fits all. Instead of forcing stock solutions into situations where they may or may not solve problems, our engineers approach each one with a holistic approach to improve throughput, utilization of space, ergonomics and efficiency.

One of these QSR chains contracted Franke to improve their overall kitchen performance. Goals were to use the same or even less space, to provide a core production cell that was completely retrofittable and to improve throughput by at least 50 percent.Specialty_Fabrication_Increase_Throughput.png

After some onsite analysis, results showed low volume products were slowing delivery of high volume, more popular menu items. A new design was needed to increase production of high demand menu items while at the same time supporting some of the less frequent selections.

Both before and after the new design was implemented, a time study was conducted that compared performance of both kitchens. The study analyzed two important statistics for the QSR: Steps required by the crew and product throughput.

According to the study, 39 seconds and six steps were required for the production of one unit (a sandwich) in the new kitchen. In the previous kitchen, this same amount of time produced less than one finished unit while still requiring 14 steps from the worker.


And when expanded out to four hours, the results were astounding:



As these results show, specialty fabrication can dramatically increase production inside a QSR or fast casual restaurant. But how do you select a specialty fabrication partner?

Download our free Guide for Selecting a Specialty Fabrication Partner, and find out the important details you should consider and questions you should ask.

Franke Specialty Fabrication Partner Guide

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