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Seven Things You May Not Know About Franke Foodservice Systems

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 1, 2019 8:48:08 AM / by Holly Murphey

Franke is a global company, employing over 10,500 employees in 70+ companies across 40 countries. You may have heard of us, but you may not be aware of some details of what we do. Franke is known for high-quality, from its luxurious residential kitchen systems, to commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines, to what we do at Franke Foodservice Systems, which is to design and fabricate efficient kitchen and service areas, and smallwares, for quick-service restaurants (QSRs). Get to know more about us below. 

Franke Foodservice Systems Fayetteville Team

1. Rollout Capacity

To achieve growth, large QSR brands need to be able to initiate large equipment and smallwares rollouts. It’s no easy task to execute these activities, in large quantities, and across geographies. Franke has the capacity to meet these demanding project needs at scale; from fabricated workstations to limited-time offer (LTO) kits and more. We have over 440,000 combined square feet dedicated to manufacturing and distribution between our facilities in Tennessee and Ohio. 

2. In-House Labs

Securing certifications is complicated work. Our manufacturing facility in Tennessee is equipped with labs to perform such tasks. We execute testing and work with regulatory agencies to ensure our equipment is compliant and held to the highest of standards. 

3. R290 Refrigerant

Propane is coming and we’ve got it. R290 Refrigerant, also known as CARE® 40, is a non-toxic refrigerant alternative that is soon to become a requirement for commercial foodservice. Installing this system is one of the many ways Franke Foodservice looks ahead for their customers. 

4. Millwork

Wood is a trending design material that gives QSR brands a modern aesthetic and is one of the material options made available to our customers. No outsourcing required; it’s designed and crafted in our Ohio manufacturing facility. 

5. Visualization Services - VR Design Tool

We use an innovative, custom-developed VR design tool that allows us to better partner with our customers during the design process. With it, we are able to speed up revisions in prototyping; improve design collaboration; and ultimately meet or exceed the needs and expectations that our customers set forth. Our design sessions can be hosted in Tennessee and include users from multiple remote locations, whether it’s one of our manufacturing facilities in Tennessee or Ohio, or a customer location across the country (or globe). Plus, it’s loads of fun!

6. Global Reach

Many QSR brands have plans to grow internationally, like the brands we support in global efforts. We have operations in the United States, Germany and China; with manufacturing in the U.S. states of Tennessee and Ohio and abroad in Poland, Russia, India, China, and The Philippines. Our deep insight and understanding of global foodservice markets makes taking “the leap” less daunting. 

7. Franke Family

Over the years, our Franke Foodservice Systems family has grown. You now know a bit more about us, but let us introduce you to the other organizations that make up a big part of who we are and what we do:

  • Meet Facility Solutions, Inc.: Deploy national rollout, project management and consulting services and are based in Michigan. 
  • Meet FIFO Innovations: Provide innovative dispensing products and solutions, including the FIFO Bottle and Portion Pal, and are based in British Columbia. 
  • Meet Franke Transporter (Formerly Easi-Serv): Efficiently carry food orders from a loading point to a serving area via versatile conveyor systems, also based in British Columbia.
  • Meet S2K Graphics: Deliver innovative merchandising solutions, which help their clients communicate value to end-user customers, and are based in California. 
  • Meet Sertek, LLC: Franke’s manufacturing facility in Ohio. Sertek specializes in fabricated stainless steel and millwork; tab assembly and scratch-proof finish. 

If you have made it here, we thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit more about us! Our capabilities are vast, because at the end of the day, best serving our customers is our purpose. If you have never had the opportunity to work with us, and you would like to, feel free to reach out here. We are always happy to help QSR brands Make It Wonderful

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