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Stop Food Waste With FIFO

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 24, 2019 10:48:29 AM / by Franke


Food waste can be a drain on your business and your profit margin. FIFO Innovations’ condiment dispensers are some of our favorite picks to help a restaurant begin reducing waste in their kitchen.

How FIFO Reduces Food Waste

FIFO stands for First In First Out, which alludes to how they work. When you use any of their dispensers, FIFO Bottle, Portion Pal, or Sauce Gun Bottle, you’ll greatly increase the yield you get out of your sauces, which reduces any wasted product.

FIFO Bottle

When you use a FIFO bottle, what goes in the bottle first gets used first, thanks to gravity and the design of the bottom-dispensing bottle. This added benefit means that no old sauce will ever be used on your customer’s dish. And that helps you put food safety and customer satisfaction first.

Portion Pal and Sauce Gun Bottle

The Portion Pal and Sauce Gun Bottle go one step further in eliminating food waste. Their design allows you to get the perfect portion of sauce on your customer’s order every time, so you aren’t using more than intended. You can customize your Portion Pal to dispense either one, two or three dollops of sauce when you squeeze the handle, and you’ll know it is the same amount every single time.

Additionally, restaurants find they are able to better forecast their sauce needs by using a portion-controlled dispenser, especially when it comes to LTOs. Not only are you reducing food waste, but you are ensuring a consistent customer experience and forecasting with ease.

Reducing Large Scale Food Waste

Obviously food waste is much more than sauce. At Franke Foodservice Systems, we work with our customers to find out where their food waste is happening and create strategic solutions to solve those problems. Our team of engineers will analyze your menu to find out if a different design or tool could help you save on food waste cost.  We know food waste adds up, and we take it seriously.

Overall, any steps you can take to reducing food waste are good steps. FIFO Bottles are a great place to start, but if you want more info on how we can help you reduce other food waste you have reach out.

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