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The Inconvenience Of Convenient Ice

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 13, 2017 11:05:04 AM / by Franke

Convenience stores really live up to their names, but there is one thing in each and every convenient store that isn’t quite so convenient, ice. Well, not the ice itself, but rather the ice machines. It can be difficult for the workers of convenience stores to find time to clean and repair ice machines. 


Why Ice Machines Are Inconvenient For Staff

Some convenience stores are open 24/7, leaving little or no downtime to perform a deep cleaning on the machine and ice dispenser. Often times it isn’t just finding the time to clean the machine, but also accessing the machines. Ice machines in convenience stores are more difficult to access than restaurants or other venues. It isn’t uncommon for ice machines to have signage, or extended merchandisers, covering access points and making it even more challenging to get them cleaned on a regular basis.

For the average convenience store worker it can be tempting to allow the ice machine to keep on producing ice as long as the ice looks clean and the machine is working. This can lead to the ice transferring a foul taste and odor (or worse) to customer’s soft drinks. Not ideal at all.

How To Keep Ice Machines Cleaner For Longer

So what can be done? First, know that ice machine cleanings are vital not only to the life of ice equipment, but also in the protection of a brand and its customers. The inside of an ice machine or dispenser is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. If left uncleaned those bacteria can live within, and on the surface of, the ice in your customer’s glass. Ick.

So cleanings are a must, but thankfully there is a solution that can help give peace of mind about ice cleanliness AND cut down on the number of cleanings. Woohoo! Attaching an antimicrobial  ice protection device, like EcO3Ice, to the waterline feeding your ice machine is one such solution. EcO3ice creates  Aqueous Ozone to safely and effectively reduce microbial buildup not only in the  ice machine as it runs through the system, but it also helps keep the ice bin cleaner longer. One of these devices can keep your machine cleaner and safer longer without the need for harsh chemicals like bleach, which can be harmful if consumed by humans.

For more information on EcO3Ice and how it can make your convenience store even more convenient contact us today.

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