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Tips for Increasing Restaurant Sales with 24-Hour Breakfast

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 9, 2016 6:01:37 PM / by Franke Americas


There's a growing trend in foodservice to provide breakfast during all operating hours. Driven by consumer demand and a national infatuation with breakfast, this trend is sweeping through the fast casual and QSR market segments, but it's certainly not limited to them. Even fine dining establishments are blurring the lines between strip steaks and hot cakes.

"The traditional meal periods have been gradually disintegrating over the past decade as fewer people eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and more people graze as their whims and schedules permit," says the Nation's Restaurant News' Brett Thorn in a recent article in Forbes.

According to Thorn, non-traditional times for our established menu concepts are "simultaneously subversive and comforting." But how can restaurants and chains capitalize on this trend, and what are the main things that need to be in place to make it happen?


This is the easy one. For a 24-hour breakfast program to be successful, there needs to be a demand for it. Based on national menu trends and categories like "best 24-hour breakfast" popping up on review sites like Yelp, the desire is obviously there.


Though many foodservice operators will likely use similar ingredient lists regardless of when or how long they serve particular menu items, the quantities of those ingredients will almost certainly change. Purchasers might need to increase the egg order, but until a baseline on ticket numbers is established, getting it right could be a challenge. Understock certain items, and you'll have angry customers. Overstock them, and you'll need innovative ways to keep foods fresher.


Having the right equipment to serve breakfast 24 hours a day might be the most difficult challenge of all. From storage and constant accessibility to organization and increasing throughput, the design of the kitchen will greatly impact the success of serving breakfast all day.

To realize the potential of commercial kitchen space, it's critical to develop processes and procedures that will minimize staff movement, increase efficiency and maximize production. Specialty fabrication can have a great impact on building a kitchen to make these things happen.


The first step is selecting a partner. Download our free Guide for Selecting a Specialty Fabrication Partner, and find out the important details you should consider and questions you should ask.

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