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To Go Orders: Drink Organization

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 18, 2020 2:38:16 PM / by Franke Americas

Wall Mount Cup Tubes_1

More and more consumers are choosing the drive-thru or the to-go order option to pick up food these days. However, according to the ‘State of What Feeds Us Report’ released in April, 81% of consumers feel that waiting longer than 10 minutes at a drive-thru is too long. Even more so, 40% of customers say waiting longer than 4 minutes for a to-go order is too long. There is no doubt that prioritizing safety precautions as well as speed of service can have a direct impact on an operations’ revenue.

Franke has an extensive portfolio full of customizable products to make sure your restaurant is operating at optimal efficiencies and staying competitive. Our overhead cup dispenser is one of our key products that provides a modular design that keeps food safety, organization and labor efficiencies top of mind.

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  1. Food Safety: By providing a designated location for cups and lids, you eliminate the problem of extra touch points due to knocking over cups and lids on the counter as well as crew members having to constantly be moving and restacking. Lower touch points mean a lower probability of contamination.
  2. Organization: Giving an assigned space for cups and lids makes it significantly easier for crew members to grab exactly what size they need; while at the same time cutting down on customer wait times.
  3. Labor Efficiencies: Optimizing drink layout and placement will ensure optimal employee flow patterns and increase profit.

To learn more about our modular overhead cup dispenser, please contact Tom North at 1-470-226-4511 or email Tom.North@franke.com

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