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To Go Orders: Staying Organized & Competitive

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 6, 2020 9:23:50 AM / by Franke Americas

Combo_1Consumers are consistently choosing the drive-thru or the to-go order option more and more these days. Therefore, keeping your food and beverages organized and easily accessible is essential in meeting these demands. Not only is speed of service important, but prioritizing safety precautions is just as crucial and can have a direct impact on an operations’ revenue.

Franke has an extensive portfolio full of customizable products that make sure your restaurant is operating at optimal efficiencies and staying competitive. Our Overhead Cup Dispenser and Smartwall are just some of our key products that provides a modular/customizable design and layout that keeps food safety, organization and labor efficiencies top of mind.


  • Food Safety: By providing a designated location for cups, lids, to-go packaging, cutlery and condiments, you eliminate the problem of extra touch points. The crew members will be able to see and grab exactly what they need instead of knocking over cups and shuffling through stacks of packaging. Cutting back on touch points means a lower probability of contamination.Wall Mount Cup Tubes__010211
  • Organization: Giving an assigned space for staging a to-go order or fulfilling drink orders makes it significantly easier for members to grab exactly what they need; while at the same time cutting down on customer wait times.
  • Labor Efficiencies: Optimizing drink layout and to-go orders ensures optimal employee flow patterns and increases profit.

To learn more about our Modular Overhead Cup Dispenser, Smartwall or other customizable products, please contact Tom North at 1-470-226-4511 or email Tom.North@franke.com.


Topics: Food Storage, Fast Casual, QSRs, Mobile Ordering, Workstation Organization, Food Efficiency, Efficiency