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Water Filtration vs. Water Sanitization: What You Need To Know

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM / by Franke

In a perfect world water that flows through our taps would be perfectly clean and taste delicious, but unfortunately we do not live in that world. H20 that comes from our water lines often has different levels of harmful chemicals, bacteria and minerals  that are better killed or removed than consumed. Let’s take a deeper dive into some common methods of removing unwanted taste and odor from our water so we can get to a better end result - fresh, clean water and ice.


The BEST Way to Protect Your Restaurant's Ice

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 25, 2017 3:31:05 PM / by Franke

Foodborne illness incidents occur every single day. In recent news (here and here), unsanitary operational practices in restaurants have lead to global awareness. Specifically related to ice. So let’s talk about how bacteria and viruses get into our ice and how we can best keep ice clean and safe for customers.

First, let’s address a common question. Isn’t ice cold enough to kill bacteria and viruses?  Short answer, no! Once the ice is made it falls into a large bin for holding until it is used. The temperature in that bin remains around 35 to 40 degrees fahrenheit, and is NOT cold enough to kill off harmful pathogens. In fact, the ice bin is a dark, damp place that is perfect for mold, algae and biofilm to thrive - which bacteria LOVE to consume. So how exactly can you protect your customers, your brand and your integrity regarding this food product? It’s simple.


What's In Your Ice?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 2, 2017 2:37:53 PM / by Franke

Anyone working in the food industry knows the importance of food safety in the kitchen, but just how much attention do we need to be paying to this?


See What a QSR Veteran Says About the Importance of Clean Ice

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 23, 2017 4:43:20 PM / by Franke

Bob Yost is a veteran of the foodservice industry, having contributed to various QSR brands throughout his 30 years in foodservice. We sat down to talk with him about his experiences, specifically about why a restaurants ice program matters and how it can be improved.