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Got Grease Buildup? Try Cascade Plus!

Standard metal baffles capture 25% of airborne kitchen grease, allowing the other 75% to make its way into hoods, ducts, fans and rooftops. 

Franke's Cascade Plus Filtration System captures up to 98% of airborne kitchen grease, reducing yearly hood cleanings, nightly filter cleanings, costly disruptions to restaurant operations, and mitigating fire risk.



Standard filtration on the left vs. Cascade Plus filtration on the right. 

Features and Benefits


  • Reduce hood cleanings by 75%
  • Reduce metal filter cleaning from nightly to monthly
  • Locking, hinged designed
  • Simple installation
  • Replaceable, biodegradable media
  • Fire retardant
  • Prolongs rooftop equipment life


Interested in Cascade Plus? Let us know!