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The Ultimate Ice Sanitization Device


Commercial ice machines are difficult to keep clean and sanitized, but your customer's safety demands attention.  EcO3Ice attaches to the incoming waterline of your commercial ice machine and uses ozone to ensure water is free of harmful bacteria as it goes through your machine on it's way to your customer's glass. 


Antimicrobial Ozone 

The trace amounts of ozone created by EcO3Ice is enough to kill bacteria, mold and yeast that can not only be harmful to the components of your ice machine, but also can cause harm to your customers. You'll enjoy the added benefit of keeping your ice machine cleaner for longer, reducing the frequency of cleanings and saving time and money. 

EcO3Ice Benefits

EcO3Ice has a range of benefits to both restaurant staff and customers.

  • Reduce the frequency of cleanings
  • Kills harmful bacteria, mold, and yeast
  • Eliminates odors without harsh chemicals
  • Increase the efficiency of your machine

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