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Product Overview

Stretch the distance between kitchen production and the point of sales with no sacrifice in service. In a quick-service restaurant, The Franke Transporter quickly and efficiently carries food orders from a loading point near order assembly to a remote unload point near a serving area.


Transporter Benefits:

  • Enables greater flexibility in restaurant layouts for any situation
  • Provides fast and convenient access to customers with additional point of sales
  •  Allow development of restaurant in crowded cities with expensive and limited real estate options
  •  Economical to operate and maintain


Carrier Basket Transporter System

A versatile transporting system using “baskets” to carry prepared food from kitchen area to a remote customer service area, either on the same floor or on a different level. Modularized design makes it highly efficient in terms of configuration, manufacturing and installation. Automatic loading and unloading – the system can run continuously or on-demand.  

Bag and Clip Transporter System 

A customized transporting system using "clips" to best suit the unique project requirement. Food products are carried in bags from a loading point to a remote delivery point, either on the same floor or on a different level. Track system is typically suspended under the ceiling or enclosed above the ceiling. Automatic unloading and manual loading - the system can run continuously or on-demand. 

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